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The key to LinkedIn success lies in the actions you take.
These are just a few of the winning campaign types we can run for you.


Grow Your Network

Grow your 1st connections by inviting 2nd/3rd level contacts to connect with you.


Invite to Group

Invite LinkedIn users to your Group.


Visit and Capture

(with email option)

Visit your prospects profile page, capture their data, option to attempt to get email match.

LinkedIn Reactions and Comments.png

Build an audience from any post

Build an audience from people that Liked or Commented on any LinkedIn post.


Message Your Network

Send a sequence of messages to your 1st-degree connections and build meaningful relationships.


Invite to Follow Organization

Invite LinkedIn users to follow your organization.


Message via Event

Message some 3rd degree connections through LinkedIn events you're both attending.

High Value Connection.png

High-value 1st connections

Build your network from high value 1st connections that have an audience you want to connect with.


Follow and Warm Up

Follow your prospect's profile so they can see you visited them.


Invite Person to Event

Invite people to your LinkedIn events.


Message via Group

Send personalized messages to 2nd/3rd degree connections who are members of the same LinkedIn groups as you.

Boost Post.png

Boost Post

Increase visibility and engagement of your posts by mentioning/tagging people.

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