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Colin speaking - rainmaker

LinkedIn Education

  • Authentic Growth - I'll speak to your group about how to use LinkedIn to drive network growth, leads, and sales...and remain authentic.

  • Actionable Content - The strategies and tactics I'll share can be implemented by your audience immediately.

  • Unique Strategies - What I teach are not typical LinkedIn strategies. I'm teaching your audience unique, actionable strategies that will work if they implement them.

  • Educational Approach - I use a no-sales approach, I'm simply educating your audience on how to use LinkedIn the same way I use it.

What your audience will learn

  • On LinkedIn, authenticity is paramount

  • No one wants to be sold on LinkedIn

  • Specific strategies including:

    • How to build your network the right way

    • How to build specific audiences

    • How to educate your audience

    • How to get your audience to engage

    • How to drive leads and sales

Rainmaker audience

About Colin

  • I've been an entrepreneur my entire life and have built over a dozen companies

  • Over the last 10 years I've become an expert on growth marketing, especially on LinkedIn

  • I'm very authentic and I want to help my audiences succeed (authentically) on LinkedIn

  • You can learn more about me at:

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